Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damages Tile

Tile and concrete are not invincible from water damage! While they are very strong they are not exempt from the elements, the toilet in this bathroom overflowed... READ MORE

Before & After - Mold Edition

Mold is never a good sign, especially not in schools where it can affect so many people at one time. In the after picture you can see our technicians removed th... READ MORE

Front Room Water Damage

This home in Montecito, CA fell victim to the floods that happened last year and SERVPRO was called on to the scene to help remove the water as well as any dama... READ MORE

Small Water Damage in Montecito, CA

We were called on the scene after a small amount of water damage entered a customer's closet. We took the hardwood out carefully and mitigated the water damage.... READ MORE

Leak Under Floor in Ventura, CA

After a leak had caused a considerable amount of water damage under a clients floor, we rushed out onto the scene. We found the cause of the leak was a broken p... READ MORE

Hardwood floor water damage in Ojai, CA

After a water leak had caused a good deal of damage on this hardwood floor we were called to help. We started mitigation services immediately and luckily we arr... READ MORE

Fire Damage Cleanup in Ojai, CA

We were called on the scene after a fire caused some damage in this home in Ojai, CA. There was a major amount of soot and ash that had spread throughout the ho... READ MORE